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Word Definition Matching 1
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Match the nouns with the definitions.

1. A pedestrian is someone

2. A compass is an instrument

3. A kidnapper is someone

4. A customer is a person

5. An ostrich is a large bird

6. A ruler is something

7. A referee is a person

8. An orphan is a child

9. A cabbage is a vegetable

10. An organ is a musical instrument

a. that has wings, but can’t fly.

b. which helps us measure lengths or draw straight lines.

c. which looks like a piano.

d. who is walking in a street, not traveling in a vehicle.

e. which is rich in vitamin c.

f. who buys something, esp. from a shop.

g. who has lost his parents by birth.

h. that is used for finding directions.

i. who has taken a person, usually a child, away by force and is demanding money for his safe return.

j. who controls a sports match or contest.

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