Modals Verbs Quiz 3

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Modals Verbs Quiz 3

Review Modals

Choose the appropriate modals verbs to complete the sentences

1. You ---- the locksmith to open the door for you last night before you tried to open the door yourself.

must call
ought to have called
have had to call
could call
had better call

2. Scientists have found that people who are active at a moderate level experience a long list of health benefits and that physical activity ---- vigorous.

has to be
is not used to being
must be
had better be
needn't be

3. As well as being a popular tourist site, Trafalgar Square offers some of the most famous views in the country, ----?

has it
was it
doesn't it
hasn't it
didn't it

4. I ---- an office but I chose to work from home because everything I need is here.

could have rented
must have rented
may rent
might rent
needn't have rented

5. Climbers survive in this so-called death zone above eight thousand meters because they spend several months climbing to higher points on the mountain to ---- in those conditions.

used to live
have to live
would rather live
get used to living
had better live

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6. You ---- down to about 30 kilometers an hour when you are driving through a school zone between dawn and dusk.

should have slowed
had to slow
were supposed to live
may have slowed
must slow

7. Some companies shipping cargo from Asia and the Middle East now ---- where saboteurs have placed explosives inside shipping containers due to the developed equipment.

could have detected
shouldn't have detected
are able to detect
had to detect
were supposed to detect

8. When a driver sees an ambulance or fire truck coming, the driver ---- to the right side of the road to get out of the way.

needn't have moved
must move
can't have moved
didn't need to move
must have moved

9. My girlfriend said I ---- her anything for her birthday, but I think I ---- her some flowers at least or a nice bottle of wine.

didn't need to buy / should buy
had to buy / can't have bought
should have bought / must buy
don't need to buy / don't have to buy
may not buy / may have bought

10. The prisoner ---- this way; there are no footprints at all.

may have escaped
needn't have escaped
could have escaped
had to escape
can't have escaped

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