Non Progressive Verbs List

There are certain verbs that we don't use with continuous tenses although it is tempting to use continuous tense.

I see you.
I love you.
I hear you.

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More Examples:

Do you hear that noise outside? (Are you hearing that noise outside?)
I hope everything will be all right. (I am hoping everything will be all right.)
I prefer tea to coffee. (I am preferring tea to coffee.)

Non continuous verbs express thoughts and feelings and they are used with simple present tense.

Non Progressive Verbs List


Some of the non continuous verbs are used in progressive tense but their meaning changes.

I see there is a man in front of the door. (Sense of vision)
The doctor is seeing a patient. (Dating a patient)

What do you think he will do? (Your opinion?)
What is he thinking about? (What's in his mind?)

They don't have a car. (Don't possess)
We are having our breakfast right now. (Eating)

You look tired, have a rest for a few hours.
Why are you looking at me?

The rose smells wonderful.
The woman is smelling the flowers in the garden.

The cake tastes terrific.
The cook is tasting the soup.

I expect she'll pass the exam.
We are expecting guests to the dinner tonight.