Prepositions Exercises

A) Complete the exercise with convenient prepositions.

1. Nice meet you.

2. Don’t be late school.

3. You are the new student Portugal.

4. Are you a teacher this school?

5. Jessica is vacation. She is Italy now.

6. What is this called English?

7. Look the flowers.

8. Adam's birthday is July.

9. Don’t run the classroom.

B) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

1. Compare your answers your partner.

2. This key holder is very special me.

3. Kittens and mice are the same place.

4. Write me soon.

5. Have you got a piece paper?

6. What’s that CD for? It is my exam.

7. I’m tall black hair and brown eyes.

8. We have got a house a big garden.

9. I come a big family.

10. Match the pictures the names.

11. Is your house the country?

12. Guess. What have I have my hand?

13. I have got two pens. What you?

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