Vocabulary Exercise / Prepositions

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Vocabulary Activities

Fill in the blanks using the following words with appropriate prepositions given.

capable debate faith identical keen
refer talent fade welfare

1. If you don't know the meaning of any word, you should ---- to your dictionaries instead of asking me.

2. Your voice is ---- to hers and I sometimes can't realize who I am talking to.

3. I am not surprised that he has joined the Parliament, as he has always been ---- on politics.

4. Although she has no ---- in writing, she decided to be a writer when she learned that writers earn a lot of money.

5. A successful government should do its best to maintain the ---- of its citizens.

6. I ---- about the salary with my boss but all my efforts were in vain.

7. She's ---- of any crime, so the police are always after her.

8. I have complete ---- in him, he'll never let us down.

9. The colour of the curtains in my living room has ---- away.

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