Short Reading Article 71

ESL Reading Comprehension Practice 71 - Princess Diana

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Princess Diana

Answer the questions according to the reading

Diana, Princess of Wales, became famous when she decided to marry Prince Charles. She became the most photographed person in the world. Everywhere she went, there were photographers taking pictures of her and people were very interested in her clothes, where she went on holiday and who she was with. They were also interested in the problems between her and her husband. When they divorced she remained very popular. In addition to her image as a 'star', Princess Diana used her influence to attract attention to some charities. She was very sympathetic to all people who were ill and unhappy and dedicated time to helping them and drawing public attention to their problems. She used to visit homeless people regularly and did a lot of work for the National AIDS Trust; she visited people suffering from AIDS.

1. It is implied in the passage that before her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana was ----.

A) widowed by another Prince of Wales
B) an unknown figure to public
C) one of the relatives to his family
D) followed by an army of photographers
E) was one of the victims of the epidemic AIDS

2. It can be understood from the passage that Diana and Charles ----.

A) got on well due to her sympathy with children
B) were expected to get divorced soon after the wedding
C) had children before their marriage
D) ended up in a marriage failure
E) visited the hospitals in poor regions

3. It is easy to infer from the passage that ----.

A) Prince Charles married someone else after separation
B) the Royal Family never approved Diana's marriage to Prince Charles
C) the National AIDS Trust was one of the clubs which Diana was a
        member of
D) one photographer caused Diana to die in a car accident
E) Diana wasn't indifferent to suffering people

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