Short ESL Article 38

Short Article 38 - Struggle Against Obesity

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Answer the questions according to the reading

Struggle Against Obesity

Obese people don't want pity and we don't want anything but a hand up so we can get back to work. Some of us would like to contribute and even pay taxes again but we need some assistance. There are all kinds of programs assisting young people to go to school, like student loans and grants. This really large group of our population could benefit from some sort of program that might involve education, liposuction, special footwear, and a part-time personal trainer who would develop individualized solutions for each person. Let's get some intelligent kind of operation going. Let's develop a war on fat.

1. According to the passage, the obese people want ----.

A) a lot of money to live without working
B) assistance to live a normal life
C) some hospitals for cosmetic surgeries to remove their fats
D) to pay taxes for everything that they buy
E) students loan and grant

2. It's understood from the passage that an assistance program ----.

A) may consist of education, liposuction or special footwear
B) will provide a lot of money to the fats
C) will be available next year
D) is use in all over the country
E) is available only for obese people

3. The author suggests that obese people ---.

A) to make war against all kinds of programs
B) to help their peers
C) to struggle against obesity
D) to be more educated
E) fight with the enemy harshly

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