Simple Present vs Present Progressive

Use the verbs in the box in either Simple present or Present continuous tense.


1. When children become teenagers, they ---- more time with their friends.

2. Rick admires those girls who ---- red dresses.

3. I agree that Jane is a good person to be with, but she ---- to be aggressive now and again.

4. Mary ---- going to parties and she herself often gives one as well.

5. The kids ---- along well with each other now, but they may start to quarrel anytime.

6. Susan ---- waiting, so don't keep her waiting no matter what the reason is.

7. What I really like about Mellisa is that she ---- amazing cakes.

8. Tracy has just been to the hairdresser's, but her hair ---- as if it hasn't been done.

9. I don't know what or who she ---- at. I don't think there is anything funny.

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Correct answers:

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