Since vs For Usage

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Since is used to give the starting point of actions or events that continue up to the moment of speaking. It is a point in time. (E.g. June, 1976, etc.)

We haven't seen him since his birthday.
We haven't played soccer since May.


We use ‘for’ to talk about a period of time continuing up to the present. It is used with length of time (e.g. four years, two months, etc.)

Ken has studied English for two months.
Barnie hasn't come to school for two days.

Since vs For Common Structures

Fora day
ten months
three weeks
six years
two hours
a long time
several hours
since 1990
last year
my wedding day
she left you
I was born

Example Sentences

Jackson has been ill for two weeks.
They have not seen my son since the beginning of the year.
I haven’t lived in Istanbul since 1995.
I haven’t been to Germany since I got married.
I last saw him in September. I have not seen him since then.
We haven’t heard from him since he phoned us six hours ago.
I haven’t seen him for years.

Warning! Be careful when using negative with since.

It is 5 years since I didn’t eat sushi.
I haven't eaten sushi for 5 years.

Quick Exercise

Complete the following sentences, using for or since.

1. We have lived in Stockton 2005.

2. She has become very annoying she quit smoking.

3. I haven't seen Dan two weeks.

4. The dog hasn't had any food 3 o'clock.

5. We stayed at the motel 2 days.

6. I haven't received any mail a week.

7. Edi has done a lot of work he joined us.

8. It hasn't rained weeks.

9. I haven't eaten anything yesterday's breakfast.

10. He has been taking care of me I was born.

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