Subject Pronouns

Subject Pronouns For Beginners:


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HeMr. Ken
My Father
SheMrs. Flintstone
Miss Jackson
My Mother
ItThe book
The cat
The school
The weather
TheyLily and Marshall
The cat and the dog
Jill and James
She and Barnie


a. Tony and Timothy are basketball players.
They are basketball players.

b. Miss White is very clever.
She is very clever.

c. Richie is an English teacher.
He is an English teacher.

d. Lion is the king of the jungles.
It is the king of the jungle.


Use the appropriate subject pronouns to rewrite the following sentences.

1. Mrs. Chart is very beautiful.

2. Dr. Phil is a famous person.

3. Fred and Barnie are good friends.

4. Is James good at basketball?

5. Maria plays tennis.

6. Andy and I are cousins.

7. Wendy and Robin are good at math.

8. Mount Everest is very high.

9. Mrs. Rogala has 23 students.

10. Is the TV too loud?

11. How are Jessie and James?

12. The weather is very hot today.

13. Bruce, Arnold and I are good friends.

14. Are you and Mr. Parker related?

15. The cat looks very friendly.

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