Tense Agreement Exercise

Complete the sentences in correct tenses. Pay attention to the tense agreement.

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Tense Agreement

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Verb Tenses Chart
Subject Verb Agreement
1. Before Kyle was elected as the President, he the governor. (be)

2. After they (return) from their dive yesterday, some of the divers (undergo) decompression.

3. In chess, when your king (be) trapped, the game (end).

4. After the emperor (conquer) European and Asian territories in the sixteenth century, he (turn) his attention to the rest of the world.

5. Derek (live) in North America for 25 years before he (decide) to move to Nice.

6. The people (not realize) the extent of destruction caused by the earthquake until the media (disclose) the facts last week.

7. By the time you (graduate) next year, I (retire) from my job.

8. Throughout history, mankind always (wonder) if there is life in space.

9. Tough most of the members (not arrive) yet, the chairman still (want) to start the meeting.

10. Ever since I (start) the course, my English (improve) a lot.

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