There Is / There Are

We use there is with singular nouns
We use there are with plural nouns

a. There is a spider on the table.
b. There is a guest at the lobby.
c. There is a book in the box.
d. There is a hospital in Berkeley.

e. There are some people outside.
f. There are candies in the basket.
g. There are some exercises below.
h. There are animals in the jungle.

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Singular / Plural Nouns
Affirmative FormNegative FormQuestion FormNegative Question Form

Quick Exercises

A. Fill in the blanks with there is or there are.

1. four weeks in a month.

2. a mailbox downstairs.

3. an English book in my backpack.

4. teachers in the classroom.

5. one bedroom upstairs.

6. clouds in the sky.

7. some mistakes in your calculations.

8. two lectures before the final.

B. Convert from one form to another as in the following examples.

a. There is milk in the bottle. (-)
There isn't milk in the bottle.

b. There are dishes in the kitchen. (?)
Are there dishes in the kitchen?

c. Is there a pool in the garden'? (+)
There is a pool in the garden.

9. Isn't there a couch near the outlet? (-)

10. There aren't knives on the table. (+)

11. There is a tray on the floor. (?)

12. There is a kite in the sky. (-)

13. Are there workers in the office? (+)

14. There isn't a sink near the tub. (-?)

15. There are eggs in the basket. (-?)

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