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Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verbs. Use a comma ',' and a space to separate multiple answers.

Sample Answer Format:

1. Jessica ---- (never fall) in love until she ---- (meet) Ben two years ago.

2. Bruce ---- (not step) studying until he ---- (revise) all topics this evening.

3. When the old woman ---- (hear) that her grandson ---- (arrest) for robbery, she ---- (get) a big shock.

4. When Megan ---- (have) problems at school, her parents ---- (usually help) her to cope with them.

5. We ---- (wait) for the bus for nearly half an hour, but it ---- (not arrive) yet so I don't think we ---- (be able to) attend the meeting on time.

6. When Sarah ---- (graduate) from university next year, she ---- (study) English for nearly four years.

7. While the children ---- (play) by the lake, one of them ---- (drop) his ball and ---- (try) to get it out himself.

8. Tomorrow at around 7.30 pm, I ---- (drive) through America.

9. Builders ---- (finish) the Millennium Dome by the end of the year 2000.

10. When I ---- (have) another look I ---- (realize) the shirt in the laundry ---- (shrink).

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