Fill in the Correct Words 1

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box below. Make necessary structure changes.

glovesuch asexcitedlybelievetolerate
couch potatosubjectteaserush hourquarrel

1. I am a student. I stay at a hostel and eat my meals in the ---- of the hostel.

2. We wear our ---- in the season of winter. They keep us warm.

3. Do you ---- as a sport? Yes, I do.

4. My favorite ---- at school are Math and English.

5. I don’t ---- that kind of behavior in my classes. Please do not do it again.

6. My parents are ----. They spend most of their time in front of TV. They never do exercise or other activities.

7. You are two close friends. Please do not ---- about such small things.

8. Do you hate driving in this evening ----? Of course I do.

9. I always ---- him about his Irish accent.

10. 10. Do you ---- in God? Yes, I do.

11. These boys and girls perform ---- dances.

12. Cartoon characters ---- Mickey Mouse and Popeye are still popular in our country.

13. People gather and talk ----.

14. Are you not ---- of doing the same things every day?

15. I almost threw up because the food was ----.

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Correct answers:
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