Because / And / So / But Exercises 2

Choose "Because / And / So / But".

1. I need a new TV set the one that I have is so old.

2. I had to work overtime, I missed Andrew's birthday party.

3. My name is Alen I am your new teacher.

4. I am not good at soccer I can play volleyball very well.

5. Our new partner is both skillfull experienced.

6. We didn't go camping last weekend it was rainy.

7. The weather is hot sunny in summer in Italy.

8. My mother went shopping she forgot to buy some bananas for me.

9. We played very well, we couldn't win the game.

10. I fell asleep in the movie theatre the movie was so boring.

11. I was so angry with the waiter he was so rude.

12. My brother and I were late for our flight we forgot to set the alarm clock.

13. My car broke down, I had to take it to a mechanic.

14. I did my best, I couldn't catch any fish.

15. The children wear special costumes visit their neighbors in the Halloween.

16. My friend fell down twisted his left leg.

17. It was my mother's birthday, my brother and I made a cake for her.

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