So / Neither / Either / Too Exercise

See subject Explanations: So/Neither/Either/Too Expressions

Complete the sentences with the correct form of “either”, “neither”, “too”, “so”.

1. I really miss Kate.
do I.

2. I was so tired after the game.
was I.

3. I haven't tried Chinese food before.
I haven't .

4. We reunite with my high school friends once a year.
We do .

5. I don’t want to lose my job.
do I.

6. I have never witnessed anything like this before.
has my sister.

7. My cousins went to the movie theater yesterday.
did my uncle.

8. I couldn’t talk to the director yesterday.
My colleague couldn’t .

9. I got an 'A' in English class.
Me .

10. I am not going to work tomorrow.
am I.

11. Your sister can't help you with your homework.
I can't .

12. My father is so proud of you, is my mother.

13. My parents didn’t believe in you.
I never did .

14. I haven't received any warnings yet.
has my brother.

15. They bought a new house.
I did .

16. We won't cancel our plans for you.
will they.

17. Nobody was there.
I wasn't there .

18. Everybody is leaving in 10 minutes.
am I.

19. You are late.
are you.

20. They wouldn't understand me, would you.

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