Conjunctions Worksheet 6 - Mixed

Fill in the blanks with the given conjunctions below.

when by contrary to thereby
although so that though ever since before

1. Perhaps no country in the world has developed ---- an extensive highway system ---- the United States with so many toll-free roads.

2. Whales live in all of the open seas of the world; some occasionally enter coastal waters ----.

3. ---- the ideas on which it was based were at first ridiculed, Comenius' book was widely read for about 200 years.

4. Failure of the breathing mechanism once was known to bring about cessation of heartbeat, ---- inducing death.

5. Rehabilitation units are designed ---- patients can do many things by themselves.

6. ---- Henry Ford invented the Model T, America has been romanced by the automobile.

7. ---- the Roman Republic became an empire in 31 BC, its great power was concentrated in too few hands.

8. ---- the last half of the 19th century, both France and Germany had established secondary schools for women.

9. ---- arriving at a conclusion, we must wait to hear and try to understand their case from their perspective.

10. ---- popular belief, the cat cannot heal the wound by licking it.

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