Because / And / So / But Exercises 1

Choose "Because / And / So / But".

1. I don't want to study abroad, I can't do without my parents.

2. I have a backache, I should take a painkiller.

3. We were so tired sleepy, so we lost the game.

4. Most people like criticising others, they don't like being criticised.

5. Our new director is so experienced easy-going. I believe, we will get on well.

6. I was late for the meeting, I missed the bus.

7. My father usually arrives home at six o'clock then he plays with us.

8. I studied very hard for the exam, I couldn't get a passing grade.

9. I felt really sick this morning, I went to school so as not to miss anything.

10. I couldn't open the door, it was locked.

11. My friend had an accident, she wasn't driving carefully.

12. My neighbor's car was stolen yesterday, he forgot to lock the doors.

13. It's snowing outside, you should take your gloves and scarf with you.

14. I called you three times today, you didn't answer the phoone.

15. First I had to format my computer then I installed the new version of the Windows.

16. Cops towed my car gave me a ticket for illegal parking.

17. The container was broken, they changed it with a new one.

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