Beginners IF Clauses Worksheet 3

Choose the proper options to complete the if statements correctly.

1. If James (finish) his work on time, he will help us.

2. If Anne (be) strong enough, she can carry these heavy bags.

3. If it (snow), we will make a snowman.

4. Rafael will play tennis if he (find) an available tennis court.

5. If Carla doesn't hurry, we (miss) the bus.

6. If John tells me the truth, I (forgive) him.

7. If Amy (forget) our meeting again, I will be mad.

8. They want to see Alcatraz Island if they (visit) San Francisco.

9. If Alex (win) the lottery, he will travel around the world.

10. If my headache (get) worse, I will go to the doctor tomorrow.

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