Beginners IF Statements 2

Choose the proper options to complete the if statements correctly.

1. If you (take) this medicine, you will feel better.

2. If Dave (get) his salary, he will buy new shoes.

3. If they (give) a good discount, I will buy a 65"TV.

4. I will play that PlayStation game if it (be) good.

5. If Sebastian goes to bed late, he (be) tired in the morning.

6. If the teacher gives us a lot of homework, we (have) little time to play.

7. If Alan (come) to the party, I will come as well.

8. Nathalie will go to Paris if the college (approve) her application.

9. If Mattew (find) Sue's address, he will send her a Christmas card.

10. If Robert (drop) that glass, it will break.

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