Conjunctions Beginners Exercise 2

Choose "Because / And / So / But".

1. Celine didn't go to school she was sick.

2. Anthony won't get a promotion he doesn't deserve it.

3. Dorothy wants to go out take a long walk.

4. Debby's food smells bad it tastes delicious.

5. Daniel's new teacher is both experienced creative.

6. Andrew is very sad the news they gave him.

7. His boss said nothing left the meeting room.

8. The project is boring Thomas still wants to work on it.

9. Natalie's interview wasn't good she didn't get the job.

10. Dora usually eats outside she doesn't like cooking.

11. Pam is learning French, it's necessary for her job.

12. It was a dangerous intersection they put traffic lights.

13. Deborah wants to lose weight, she only eats oatmeal.

14. Adam's friends love him he is always kind to them.

15. Sandra loves pets. She has three cats two dogs in her house.

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