Gerunds Infinitives Beginners Worksheet 2

Choose the Gerund 'ING' vs the Infinitive 'TO' form of the given verbs to complete the sentences.

1. When Ares saw his teacher, he admitted (break) the classroom's window.

2. On holidays, Dany prefers (stay) at home than going on a vacation.

3. Nathan moved to San Francisco two years ago, he misses (be) around his old neighbors.

4. Nora practices (speak) Italian after work.

5. Kevin is an optimist, he chooses (be) happy in all circumstances.

6. Tony is happy for his trip but he dislikes (pack) his suitcase.

7. My cousin usually spends time (watch) television after school.

8. Helen is lazy, she can't even imagine (have) four children.

9. Sandra has principles, she refuses (lie) about the accident.

10. Susana will have serious health issues unless she quits (smoke) soon.

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