Causative Verbs Exercises 1

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Subject Explanations:

Causative Grammar Rules

Subject Exercises:

Causative Worksheet 1
Causative Worksheet 2

PDF: Causative Verbs Worksheet
Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. Sally made me ---- my shoes before I went into her house. She said she wanted to keep the carpet clean.

take off
to take off

2. I see that you have no time to clean the house on your own so you had better get somebody ---- it for you.

to do

3. What you should do before an emergency occurs is to get your fire alarm ---- that will also make you feel safer.

to fix

4. She had to have her phone number ---- because she was receiving obscene calls from a stranger.


5. Her dress was too long, so she had it ----.


6. You'd better have a plumber ---- the leak in the bathroom.


7. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes, I had my old ones ----.


8. I got everyone in the family ---- Mary's birthday card before I sent it to her.

to sign

9. I didn't have any time so I had my sister ---- my paper last night.

to type

10. The teacher got the students ---- the first quatrain of the poem to make it easy to memorize.

to write

11. Regular repetition makes one ---- new words easily.

to learn

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