Common English Mistakes

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My Friend and Me or My Friend and I
Confused English Words

Don't Say / Write These

Say / Write These

1. Everybody are ready

2. Look - he comes

3. He is more faster than me

4. When I was a kid, I was swimming

5. The weather isn't enough warm

6. I have seen this movie yesterday

7. When you will arrive, call me

8. According to me

9. Don't do a mistake!

10. I am not believing this

11. I am born in San Francisco

12. I am thankful for what you've done

13. I haven't seen you since two years

14. I can to run fast

15. I must use the stairs yesterday

16. I studied hard for pass my exam

17. I don't want nothing

18. I am engineer

19. She is married with a teacher

20. I have got a new work

21. The police is investigating the case

22. A third of the people is...

23. I feel myself good

24. You must defend you

25. Jack is proud of him
Everybody is ready

Look - he is coming

He is much faster than me

When I was a kid, I swam / used to swim

The weather isn't warm enough

I saw this movie yesterday

When you arrive, call me

I believe / In my opinion

Don't make a mistake

I don't believe this

I was born in San Francisco

I am grateful for what you've done

I haven't seen you for two years

I can run fast

I had to use the stairs yesterday

I studied hard to pass my exam

I don't want anything

I am an engineer

She is married to a teacher

I have got a new job

The police are investigating the case

A third of the people are

I feel good

You must defend yourself

Jack is proud of himself
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