Common Roots List

See list of common word roots below along with their meanings and examples associated with each one.

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Root / Suffix / Prefix
act, agidrive, doactivate, agitate
aer, aeroairaerial, aerodynamics
aquwateraquatic, aqueduct
al, altotheralien, altruist
archchief, rulermonarchy, anarchist
aster, astrstarastronomy, asterisk
aud, audithearaudible, audition
bibliobookbibliography, Bible
biolifebiology, biography
cad, cas, cidfallcadence, cascade
capit, cap, chap, cheifheadcaption, chapter
chromecolormonochrome, chromatic
chrontimeanachronism, chronicle
cide, ciscut, killmatricide, scissors
cit, civgovernmentcitizen, civil
clause, clos(e), clus, cludshutclaustrophobia, foreclose
corpbodycorporate, corpulent
cre, creas(e), cresgrowincrement, increase
credbelievecredible, credit
cur, courrunrecurrent, recourse
circ, cyclcirclecyclone, circus
dempeopledemocratic, epidemic
dent, dontteethdenture, orthodontist
dermskindermatologist, hypodermic
doc, foxopinion, beliefdoctrine, orthodox
ducleadconductive, aqueduct
dynamopowerdynamic, dynamo
equa, equiequalequanimity, equilibrium
fac, fec, ficmake, dofacilitate, fiction
fal, falsdeceivefallacy, falsify
fend, fensagainst, fromdefendant, offensive
fercarryprefer, ferry
fidfaithconfidant, infidel
finlimitinfinite, finish
fixstationaryprefix, fixate
flect, flexbendinflection, reflex
fort, forcstrongfortress, reinforce
fract, fragbreakfraction, fragment
fund, fuse, foundpour or meltfusion, profound
gamymarriagebigamy, misogamy
geoearthgeology, geography
gen, ginbirth, origin, racegenetic, genocide
grad, gressgo, walk, stepdigress, graduate
gram, graphwritetelegram, graphics
grat, gracpleasing, thanks, favorgratis, ingrate
her, hesstickadhesive, inherent
hydr, hydrowaterdehydrate, hydroelectric
jug, junc, justjoinconjugate, juncture
jud, jus, jurrightjudicial, injure
kine, cinemovekinetic, cinema
laborworkcollaborate, laboratory
lect, leggather, rea, lawcollect, legal
libr, liberbook, freelibrary, liberal
lic, liqupermit, leaveelicit, derelict
literletterliterate, literature
locplacelocation, allocate
luc, lum, lus, lun, luxlightlucid, luminous
magna, maxgreatmagnify, maximum
man, manuhandmanual, emancipate
maniamadnesskleptomania, maniac
mis, mitsendemit, emissary
mortdiemortal, mortuary
nat, neo, novnew, bornprenatal, neoclassic
c naut, navwaterastronaut, navigate
ocle, ocul, opteyemonocle, optical
pac, pactpeace, solidpacify, compact
pass, pathfeel, diseaseantipathy, pathology
ped, podchild, footpediatrician, podiatrist
pel, pulsdrivecompel, repulsive
pend, pens, pondhang, weight, payexpense, ponder
pet, peatseek, requestrepetitious, perpetual
phillovephilanthropy, philologist
phobiafearclaustrophobia, hydrophobia
phonsoundphonograph, symphony
photo, phoslightphotographic, phosphorus
pict, pigpaintdepict, pigment
plac, pleaplease, calmplacate, implacable
plic, plex, plybend, goldimplicate, perplex
polis, polit, polycity, citizencosmopolitan, politician
portcarryporter, opportune
punct, pung, pointprickimpinge, poignant
quer, quisask, seekinquisition, inquest
reg, rect, rightstraight, directirregular, erect
rogask, seekderogatory, interrogate
scopeseetelescope, microscope
scrib, scripwriteinscribe, manuscript
sens, sentfeel, thinksensual, sentiment
sequi, secut, suitfollowpersecute, sequence
sid, sed, sesssitsediment, session
sim, syl, systogether, samesimulate, synthesis
signmark, signalinsignia, designate
solalonesolo, solitude
son, soundsoundsonar, resound
solv, soluloosen, explainsolvent, resolute
spirbreatherespiration, expire
sta, sist, stistandstatic, consist
structbuildconstruct, structure
tractdraw, pullsubtract, traction
ten, tain, tinholdcontain, retention
tendstretchtendon, extensive
terearthinterment, terrestrial
textweave, constructtextile, texture
thermhot, warmthermos, thermometer
thesisput, placesynthesis, hypothesis
torq, torttwist, windtorque, contort
urbcityurbane, suburban
vac, voidemptyvacuum, evacuate
val, valuworth, strengthambivalent, evaluate
ven, ventcomeintervene, adventure
verbwordadverb, verbatim
vers, vert, vergturnversus, avert
vic, van, vincconquer, changeinvincible, victory
vita, vivlifevital, vivacious
volv, voluroll, willrevolve, voluntary

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