Determiners Articles Quiz 4

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. The Amazon in Brazil is ---- longest river in ---- South America.

the / -
- / the
- / -
the / the
a / the

2. Last summer we went on ---- cruise in the Caribbean. Among ---- Islands we visited were Bermuda and the Bahamas.

- / the
a / the
the / an
the / -
- / -

3. We could barely get any information at the airport. ---- people seemed to have ---- idea about the flights.

Many / any
A lot of / any
Only a few / some
Few / no
Any / no

4. ---- teachers prefer a class that is fairly consistent in having pupils of the same level.


5. ---- of what he said was very sensible.

A few

6. ---- drawings is different.

Each one of the
Very few
All of

7. The report concludes sadly that ---- students have ---- knowledge of nuclear physics.

some / a lot of
both / whole
none / any
every / no
very few / some

8. ---- his friends speaks any English.

Both of
Neither of

Score =
Correct answers:
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