Closest in Meaning Exercise 3

Find the option that is the closest in meaning for the sentences below.

Answer the questions and click "submit" to check your results.

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Sentence Meaning Exercise
1.Even though many of us don't suffer from a mental disorder, it is clear that some of us are mentally healthier than others.

A) Many people who are diagnosed as having mental disorder are mentally
        healthier than we are.
B) The proportion of those who have been identified as having a mental
        disorder is higher than that of the mentally healthy.
C) Compared to the number of mentally healthy, the number of people
        with a mental disorder is increasing.
D) It is not clear how many people suffer from a mental disorder since
        many of them seem mentally healthy.
E) That some of us are not as mentally healthy as other is obvious but
        the number of people having a mental disorder is not very high.

2. The only members of the cat family that can roar are lions, leopards, tigers, and jaguars but lions are by far the loudest.

A) Like leopards, tigers, and jaguars, lions are among the members of the
        cat family that can roar.
B) Since lions come from the same cat family as leopards, tigers and
        jaguars do, they can roar as loud as the others.
C) Lions, leopards, tigers, and jaguars are the only four cats that can
        roar; however, the others can't roar as loudly as lions do.
D) The roar of a lion is enough to make other animals, such as leopards,
        feel frightened.
E) Lions, leopards, tigers, and jaguars can roar, however the roar of a lion
        is not as frightening as the roar of the others.

3. Swimming with the dolphins was something that only a few could ever experience in their lifetime.

A) Swimming with the dolphins in an event that everybody should at least
        experience once in their lifetime.
B) Although swimming with the dolphins is an unforgettable experience,
        only a few have the chance to experience it.
C) Swimming with the dolphins was an event that not many had the
        chance to experience throughout their lives.
D) Swimming with the dolphins was and is still something that only a few
        can experience it in their lifetime.
E) Swimming with the dolphins was such an expensive experience that it
        could be experienced only once in a lifetime.

4. You can renew your passport whenever you wish, but you must pay the full fee."

A) You would have paid the full fee if you had wanted to renew your
B) Even if you don't renew your passport on time, you are not charged
        the full fee.
C) The fee for a new passport depends on why you wish to renew it.
D) The time when you renew your passport is not important as long as
        you pay the full fee.
E) You might be charged the full fee if you didn't inform the authorities
        that your passport is about to expire.

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