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Short Fusion vs Fission Nuclear Energy Article

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Answer the questions according to the article

Fusion vs Fission Nuclear Energy

There are two ways of getting energy from nuclei. So me nuclei can break apart to release energy. This is called fission. Other nuclei can be put together to make a new nucleus, while giving out energy. We call this process fusion. Fission and fusion are different processes, but both produce enormous amounts of energy due to reaction. Fission is a simpler process than fusion, and was discovered earlier. The difficulties of controlling fusion to generate usable power have not vet been overcome. Today fission is still the main method of producing nuclear energy.

1. According to the passage, ----.

A) fusion is the most reliable way of obtaining nuclear energy
B) today fission is more useful than fusion
C) overcoming the energy crises is generating nuclear energy
D) to break a nucleus apart, we need nuclear energy
E) nuclear energy is produced only with the help of fission

2. Fission and fusion ----.

A) are different processes, but they emit profound amounts of energy
B) can break the nucleus of an atom apart
C) are based upon the energy emitted by nuclear reaction
D) are nuclear reactions which can be converted into each other
E) are the process es of different kinds of energy

3. It could be concluded that ----.

A) fusion may one day also be used as much as fission
B) fusion was discovered earlier, but it's used less
C) fusion is not as much difficult as fission
D) breaking the nuclei apart requires more energy than uniting the nuclei
E) fusion and fission are not different than the energy they emit

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