Reading Comprehension Article 50

Short Reading Comprehension Articles For Teachers / Students - Nuclear Danger

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Nuclear Danger

Answer the questions according to the reading

Our demand for electricity is climbing so fast that over the next decade our generating capacity must increase by a third. Fossil fuels supply nearly three-quarters of this energy. But the smoke expelling coal, gas, and oil-fired plants are also responsible for half of our air pollution. That might be considered as a small price to pay for progress. But there's an alternative, .one that produces no smoke and can actually create more fuel than it consumes. In many regions it's even cheaper than coal-fired electricity: nuclear power. It may directly bring danger of radioactivity to the mind, but if other types of power didn't present equal and even worse problems, it would make no sense to consider nuclear power at all. But they do.

1. Although 3/4 of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels, ----.

A) we should consider the potential dangers of nuclear power
B) everything has got an expense; and nuclear power's is its radioactivity
C) it may contribute to global warming, the greenhouse effect
D) half of the air pollution is caused by the plants using them
E) coal also contains a surprising amount of radioactive material

It's claimed in the passage that nuclear power ----.

A) supplies three-quarters of the country's energy demand
B) is less dangerous and cheaper than other types of power
C) is a potential danger because it's radioactive
D) will present us a more polluted environment
E) is more expensive to generate, but not a pollutant

3. In the passage, the writer is worried that in the future ----.

A) fossil based plants might bring bigger problems than nuclear energy
B) there's not a better alternative than fossil fuels
C) nuclear waste might be more dangerous than air pollution
D) they will have to build nuclear power stations one day
E) there will always be possible dangers of nuclear power

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