Some and Any Compound Forms

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Some and Any
No and Every Compounds

Somebody (Someone) / Something / Somewhere

We use somebody (someone) - something and somewhere in affirmative sentences. We use them in interrogative sentences if we expect an affirmative answer.

I see somebody at the gate.
There is something under the table.
She lost her ring somewhere.

Anybody (Anyone) / Anything / Anywhere

We use anybody (anyone) - anything and anywhere in negative and interrogative sentences.

a. Is there anybody in the library? No, there isn't anybody in the library.
b. Is there anything in the bag? No, there isn't anything in the bag.
c. Did she visit anywhere yesterday? No, she didn't visit anywhere yesterday.

Quick Exercise

Fill in the blanks with appropriate some / any compounds.

1. They didn't see in the hallway. We are still looking for him.

2. Mrs. Kinder went exciting last week.

3. I didn't see under the pillow.

4. Is there in the bathroom?

5. He doesn't know about your plan.

6. Did you see her yesterday?

7. I bought small for your birthday.

8. Penny can't find her keys .

9. They hid their money here.

10. Hey, can I ask you ?

11. I think is trying to break in. Call 911!

12. My son didn't eat until 5 o'clock.

13. We lost the car keys . We need to call the tow-truck.

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