GRE Text Completion Examples 3

Complete the following passages with the most appropriate choices.

Text 1

Insects do not have (1) ---- as sharp as that of mammals or birds. The insect compound eye is more familiar to movement and so it cannot (2) ---- position distant objects. So, insects tend to take a rather unsteady flight path to navigate to a particular object. For example, in order to locate the caterpillar, the wasp needs to balance the odor signals (3) ---- by its two antennae.

A) wings
B) vision
C) absorption

A) hilariously
B) precisely
C) tangibly

A) sacrificed
B) accompanied
C) received

Text 2

A last attempt is being made to move the beetles to a specially designed pile of rubble that (1) ---- their existing habitat. But experts stress that there is only a slim chance that the (2) ---- will succeed.

A) succumb
B) replicates
C) resonate

A) formation
B) migration
C) translocation

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