Used To vs Would Exercise

Used To vs Would Exercise With Tenses

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Would vs Used To

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Used To vs Be Used To
Fill in the blanks with used, didn't use, would, wouldn't in simple past, past continuous, or the question form.

1. My grandmother ---- cook such delicious pies when we visited her.

2. There ---- to be so many cars, and traveling in one was something special.

3. When we quarreled, Simon and I ---- talk for weeks.

4. I briefly ---- (share) my fiat with a friend from our school, but then I ---- (move) out.

5. ---- you ---- to go to bed around 9 o'clock too when you were at primary school?

6. Mel ---- (look) at this direction when you ---- (wave) at him, so he can't have seen you.

7. The men ---- (drop) the fridge down the stairs while they ---- (carry) it to our flat.

8. How ---- you ---- to go to school when you were a kid? By car or school bus?

9. Daddy ---- buy me a toy whenever we ---- (go) shopping.

10. ---- she ---- (tell) you anything about the party yesterday?

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