Would Rather & Had Better

Would Rather

Would rather is used when there is a preference.

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After would rather, we use the infinitive without to.

I would rather stay at home than go to a movie.
It means....... (I prefer staying at home)

I would rather leave. (I would like to leave.)

Contracted Would - I'd, He'd, She'd, We'd, You'd, They'd

She'd rather stay with me than go out with you.
They'd rather play with the baby than change its diaper.

Had Better

We use had better when we give advice to others. The meaning of had better is similar to should. Had better expresses advice and warning.

You had better watch your steps.
She had better listen to you.
It's getting late. I had better go.

Contracted form of had better - I'd better, You'd better...

Notice that the contracted forms of had and would are the same and that I'd can be I had or I would so we need to look at the context to see what's meant to be said.

I'd rather lie than to hurt you. (I would)
I'd better tell the truth. (I had better)

More Examples

I would rather drive than go by bus.
I would rather drink water than soda.
I would rather quit smoking. (than pay for it)

I'd better leave before it gets dark.
He had better quit smoking.
You'd better tell me what happened. Now!
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