Adjective Adverb Worksheet 2

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1. Complete each sentence using the words from the table in the correct adjective or adverb forms.


1. Our holiday was too short. The time passed very .

2. Tom doesn't take risks when he's driving. He's always .

3. Sally works . She never seems to stop.

4. Alice and Stan are very married.

5. Monica's English is very although she makes a lot of mistakes.

6. I cooked this meal for you, so I hope you like it.

7. Everything was very quiet. There was silence.

8. I tried on the shoes and they fitted me .

9. Do you usually feel before examinations?

10. I'd like to buy a car but it's impossible for me at the moment.

2. Choose the adjective or adverb form of the word.

11. The driver of the car was injured.

12. The driver of the car had injuries.

13. I think you behaved very .

14. Rose is upset about losing her job.

15. There was a change in the weather.

16. Everybody at the party was dressed.

17. Linda likes wearing clothes.

18. She fell and hurt herself quite .

19. Don't go up that ladder. It doesn't look .

20. He looked at me when I interrupted him.

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