Adjectives - ING vs ED Form 3

Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verbs ing or ed.

1. What an situation.

2. I was very to see that the baby could talk.

3. We are all . Shall we go out and have some fun?

4. The movie was so that I couldn't blink my eyes.

5. This map is so .

6. It is ! How can somebody eat a cockroach?

7. We were all so to go on camping for the first time.

8. Armenia is a country. You'll certainly love it.

9. What you did was very . You must apologize immediately.

10. I was in painting when I was 10.

11. Jason looked so when the teacher scolded him.

12. I find watching documentaries rather .

13. Countable and uncountable nouns are very .

14. It is to witness how many people are killed in car accidents every day.

15. You must be to have had the chance to meet a pop star.

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Correct answers:


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