Comparatives vs Superlatives Worksheet 3

Complete the sentences with the correct comparatives/superlative expressions from the list.

1. I heard a little polite laughter when I told my jokes but every one laughed loudly when Gaby was telling hers. Her jokes are always than mine.

2. The negative effects of watching too much television are than they appear to be at first glance.

3. The Japanese islands have a climate modified and moderated by the sea; winters are than in those areas that are in the same latitude on the Asian continent.

4. Only by multilateral action, can we give people in countries the chance to escape the ugly misery of poverty, ignorance and disease.

5. That movie we saw last night was than the one on television.

6. known dam, an engineering wonder of the ancient world, lies near Marib, once the home of the Queen of Sheba.

7. I broke my nose in a football game yesterday. Today it's very painful. For same reason, the pain is today than it was yesterday.

8. die in car accidents than in plane accidents. Statistics show that driving your own car is more dangerous than flying in an airplane.

9. Marcel Duchamp is considered as one of artists of the 20th century by the modern art world.

10. From my point of view, of the two applicants, the latter one is for the post.

11. It is to live in London than any other city in Britain. Rents are much higher and it is difficult to find accommodation of any kind.

12. Titanic was said to be ocean liner in the world. When it set sail, all the cabins were full, from the most expensive to the cheapest ones on the lower deck.

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