Adjective or Verb Exercise 

Choose if the underlined word is an adjective or a verb.

1. His arm is injured.

2. I have broken my finger.

3. My father is a very punctual person.

4. Merriam is having her lunch.

5. Tony has a broken window.

6. Everybody was blessed.

7. There’s a yellow cat over there.

8. Don’t forget to dust the furniture.

9. Don’t you see the long line?

10. Your new car looks great.

11. Sarah’s cakes always taste the best.

12. He scared the little girl.

13. That frightened girl is my classmate.

14. He looked at me with confused eyes.

15. They surprised me with a present.

16. I was so excited before the concert.

17. You disappointed all of us.

18. The girl was so embarrassed.

19. You are an amazing coach.

20. She is a diligent teacher.

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