Comparative Adjectives Adverbs
Short vs Long Forms

A) Complete the following exercise using the words from the table in correct comparative forms. Use than where necessary.

bigcrowdedearly easily
highimportant interestedpeaceful
reliable serioussimplethin

1. I was feeling tired last night, so I went to bed usual.

2. I'd like to have a car. The one I've got keeps breaking


3. Unfortunately her illness was we thought at first.

4. You look . Have you lost weight?

5. I want a flat. We don't have enough space here.

6. He doesn't study very hard. He's in having a good time.

7. Health and happiness are money.

8. The instructions were very complicated. They could have been


9. There were a lot of people on the bus. It was usual.

10. I like living in the countryside. It's living in a town.

11. You'll find your way around the town if you have a good


12. In some parts of the country, prices are in others.

B) Complete the following exercise using the words from the table in correct comparative forms.

quiet x2interesting oftenwarm

1. It's too noisy here. Can we go somewhere ?

2. This engine is very weak. I like it a bit .

3. The hotel was surprisingly big. I expected it to be .

4. The hotel was very cheap. I expected it to be .

5. The weather is too cold in this country. I'd like to live somewhere


6. My job is a bit boring sometimes. I'd like to do something .

7. I was surprised how easy it was to learn English. I thought it would

be .

8. Your work isn't very good. I'm sure you can do .

9. Don't worry. The situation isn't so bad. It could be .

10. I was surprised we got here so quickly. I expected the journey to


11. You're talking very loudly. Can you speak a bit .

12. You hardly ever phone me. Why don't you phone me ?

13. You're standing too near the camera. Can you move a bit


Correctness =
Correct answers:

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