By vs Until/Till Exercise

1. I will keep asking you accept my offer.

2. The bank should be open 5 o'clock today.

3. We must finish our project next Friday.

4. the time she arrived, the meeting had already begun.

5. According to the weather forecast, it will keep snowing the weekend.

6. According to the weather forecast, it should finally snow this weekend.

7. I need this work finished tomorrow morning.

8. Can you look after the baby I get back.

9. Make sure to return home 9 o'clock.

10. Sandra is going to have my car the weekend.

11. Sandra promised to bring back my car Sunday afternoon.

12. Don't do anything the backup arrives.

13. I will have been married for ten years 2020.

14. what time are you open today?

15. Learning English was difficult I came across this website.

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