Dialogue Examples 2 - Doctor & Patient

Patient's mother: Good morning, doctor.
Doctor: Good morning.
Patient's mother: My daughter hasn't been feeling well and she has a fever, can you please have a look?
Doctor: Let's see, hi sweetie, what's your name?
Dana: Dana.
Doctor: Can you please take off your jacket and lie down on the bed Dana?
Patient's mother She is a little scared.
Doctor: Don't worry, it's not going to hurt, I will just listen to you, I promise.
Dana: Alright.
Doctor: Let me listen to your back and check your throat.
Patient's mother: How is she?
Doctor: Her throat looks red, I think she has an infection. I will prescribe her some antibiotics, she should take them twice a day.
Patient's mother: How long does she need to take them?
Doctor: About a week but she can continue for another week if she doesn't feel better. She should probably rest for a few days too and not go to school.
Patient's mother: She has become very weak recently. She gets cold very easily too.
Doctor: It's probably the fever, she may have caught the infection from anyone.
Patient's mother: Can she take a shower?
Doctor: Absolutely, taking a cool shower actually help reduce the fever in a natural way.
Patient's mother: Wow, I didn't know that. When should we come back again?
Doctor: I want to see her next week, but if she gets worse, you can come and see me regardless.
Patient's mother: Thank you so much, doctor.
Doctor: You are welcome, it's my pleasure, I hope she gets well soon.
Patient's mother: Thank you again, good-bye.
Doctor: Good-bye.

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