Dialogue Examples 6 - Ordering Food

A Steakhouse Waitress and Customers

Waitress: Good evening, welcome to GB Steakhouse, I will be your server tonight.
Customers: Hello, how are you?
Waitress: I am great, thank you for asking, can I get you started with something to drink?
Customers: Yes, can we get two red wines and water please?
Waitress: Sure, I will be right back with your drinks.
Customers: Thank you, and can we get an extra menu as well?
Waitress: Certainly! (she leaves...)
Waitress: Here is your wine. Are you ready to order?
Customers: Yes, we are. What does the New York steak come with?
Waitress: It comes with veggies and mashed potatoes.
Customers: Okay, I will have the New York steak.
Waitress: Of course, and how would you like your steak cooked?
Customers: Well done, please.
Waitress: Sure, how about you ma'am?
Customers: Can I have Caesar salad with chicken, please?
Waitress: Absolutely. And for the little guy?
Customers: We will have macaroni and cheese for him?
Waitress: Sure! And would you like anything to drink mister?
Customers: Just water.
Waitress: Great! I will be back with your orders.
Customers: Perfect...
Waitress: Here are you orders! Enjoy your meal...
Waitress: How is everything so far?
Customers: Great thanks, can we get the check, please?
Waitress: Certainly...
Customers: Here is your bill, you can pay at the cashier whenever you are ready.
Waitress: Thank you.
Waitress: Thank you, enjoy the rest of your evening.


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