Dialogue Examples 9 - Ordering Fast Food

A Cashier And A Customer

Cashier: Hello, may I take your order?
Customer: Hi, I'll have a double cheeseburger.
Cashier: With everything on it?
Customer: No onions, please.
Cashier: Sure, would you like the combo deal or just the sandwich?
Customer: How much is the combo?
Cashier: The combo is $4.99, it comes with medium fries and drink.
Customer: Okay, let's change it to a combo then.
Cashier: Certainly, what would you like to drink?
Customer: Coke, please.
Cashier: Diet Coke or regular?
Customer: Regular.
Cashier: Of course, Would you like anything else?
Customer: No, that'll be all. Thanks.
Cashier: For here or to go?
Customer: For here.
Cashier: That will be $5.45 please.
Customer: Thank you. Here you go.

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