Dialogue Examples 8 - Giving Directions

A Police Officer And A Tourist

Tourist: Excuse me officer, I think I am lost. Can you help me find my hotel, please?
Officer: Certainly, What's the name of your hotel?
Tourist: It's the GrammarBank Hotel.
Officer: Hmm, I think I know where it is.
Tourist: Is it far?
Officer: No, not really. Do you have a car, are you driving?
Tourist: No, I don't have a car.
Officer: Okay, actually it's only about 10 minutes walk. But if you want, I can call you a cab.
Tourist: No, thank you. I don't mind walking.
Officer: Okay then, let me give you the directions.
Tourist: Thank you. I appreciate that.
Officer: Now, go along this street until you get to the Bank. Do you see the tall building?
Tourist: Yeah.
Officer: So, at the traffic lights there, turn left to Great Sheva Avenue.
Tourist: Okay, I will turn left.
Officer: Correct. Then go straight on, take the second right and that should take you to the GrammarBank Hotel.
Tourist: Okay, I will take the second left.
Officer: No, it's the second right.
Tourist: Ah, right. The second right.
Officer: Yes sir, left at the traffic lights near the bank and then the second right.
Tourist: Got it, thank you very much for your help.
Officer: No problem, have a nice day.

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