Dialogue Examples 4 - At the Hotel

A Receptionist and A Client

Receptionist: Hi, welcome to the GrammarBank Hotel. How can I help you?
Client: Hi, I would like a room for tonight. Do you have any vacancies?
Receptionist: Yes sir, would you like a single room, or a double room?
Client: A single room, please.
Receptionist: How long will you be staying?
Client: For three nights.
Receptionist: Okay, would you like a king size bed or a queen size?
Client: Well, king size bed, please.
Receptionist: Smoking, non-smoking?
Client: Non-smoking.
Receptionist: Sure, and would you rahter have a room with a view of the ocean or the forest? Client: It doesn't really matter to me, whichever one is cheaper.
Receptionist: Sure, it's going to be $55 per night. Can I have your ID, please?
Client:Here it is.
Receptionist: Alright, Could you sign here, please?
Client: No problem. Do you accept American Express?
Receptionist: Sure, any Visa, Master Card or American Express.
Client: Perfect, here is my card.
Receptionist: Thank you. Is there a phone number where you can be contacted?
Client: Yes, it is 333-3333.
Receptionist: Okay. Here's your key. Your room number is 276. It's on the 2nd floor, you can take the elevators behind us. If you need anything, just dial 9 for the reception.
Client: Thank you for your help.
Receptionist: My pleasure. Enjoy your stay!

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