Dialogue Examples 5 - Introducing Yourself

Two Students (at University)

Nadia: Hello, my name is Nadia. Welcome to our university.
Alicia: Hi, I am Alicia.
Nadia: Nice to meet you.
Alicia: Nice to meet you too.
Nadia: Where are you from Alicia?
Alicia: I am from Nicaragua, how about you?
Nadia: I'm from France.
Alicia: Is this your first time in London?
Nadia: No, I have been living in London for about three years now.
Alicia: I see, have you been studying here for all that time?
Nadia: Yes, this is my third year here, I have got one more year to go.
Alicia: What are you studying?
Nadia: I'm studying English Literature. I want to be a linguist. How about you?
Alicia: Sounds cool. I want to be a school teacher.
Nadia: That's great!
Alicia: I have always wanted to study abroad, so I came to London.
Nadia: Nice! Yeah I love it here, I am actually planing to live here even after I graduate.
Alicia: Perfect, you are already from Europe, so it shouldn't be that difficult for you.
Nadia: Yeah, I will just need to convince my parents, what about you?
Alicia: I love London, but I am just here for school, I will need to go back once I graduate anyway.
Nadia: I see, well, good luck to you, I have to go to class now, it was nice talking with you.
Alicia: Thank you! You too, and have a good class.
Nadia: Good-bye!


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