ESL Vocabulary Builder 8

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences.

1. It seems that the new taxes will put really big ---- on citizens.

A) pressure
B) income
C) issue
D) absence
E) collection

2. You can take out a ---- from the bank with a low interest rate if you are willing to buy a car.

A) loan
B) rejection
C) progress
D) request
E) suggestion

3. We had a(n) ---- with the waiter about the bill since it was higher than we had expected.

A) advancement
B) creation
C) topic
D) ignorance
E) row

4. Octopuses have a relatively short life span and some ---- live for only six months.

A) creators
B) manners
C) species
D) distributions
E) concepts

5. Uranus is a planet in the solar system which is seventh in order of ---- from the sun.

A) moderation
B) distance
C) excess
D) termination
E) convention

6. One of the President's greatest ---- was to decrease the unemployment rate in the whole country.

A) nominations
B) donations
C) accomplishments
D) relations
E) disorders

7. The automobile industry continues to be an important ---- of employment and transportation for millions of people worldwide.

A) destruction
B) deficiency
C) accusation
D) pause
E) source

8. Regardless of the ---- of his action, Jim had an argument with his boss about the working hours.

A) settlement
B) welfare
C) renovation
D) consequence
E) circulation

9. At the end of the trial, the minister was found ---- of embezzling one million dollars of public funds.

A) benefactor
B) personality
C) qualification
D) reception
E) guilty

10. Ottawa is home to a ---- of national museums, official residences and heritage structures.

A) wealth
B) resignation
C) scarcity
D) carriage
E) foreigner

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