Vocabulary Worksheet 13

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences.

1. Eskimos are native people who have ---- inhabited the circumpolar region for centuries.

A) fluently
B) invisibly
C) identically
D) jealously
E) traditionally

2. European Union citizens have the right to travel ---- between member states.

A) miserly
B) freely
C) approximately
D) accidentally
E) apprehensively

3. The abacus is still ---- used in primary schools in Japan for computation.

A) abruptly
B) suddenly
C) offensively
D) furiously
E) extensively

4. If the institution can't find enough money, this will affect the research program ---- soon.

A) honorably
B) fruitfully
C) adversely
D) identically
E) invaluably

5. It is usually children who are affected ---- by domestic violence.

A) attractively
B) annually
C) punctually
D) prematurely
E) profoundly

6. Many people behave ---- and violate traffic rules without caring for the consequences of their actions.

A) truly
B) collaboratively
C) significantly
D) inconsiderately
E) absolutely

7. If people take an interest in the campaigns and donate ----, it will be of great help for tsunami victims.

A) rarely
B) hardly
C) generously
D) carelessly
E) nastily

8. Due to the growth of urban areas, elephant ranges ---- overlap with areas inhabited by humans.

A) increasingly
B) confidently
C) illiterately
D) privately
E) wisely

9. It is obvious that the results of the last experiment accord ---- with the predictions of the scientists.

A) tediously
B) closely
C) curiously
D) apathetically
E) merely

10. In today's world, a lot of diseases ---- considered incurable in the past are treated successfully.

A) formerly
B) skilfully
C) equally
D) readily
E) gently

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