Vocabulary Builder Test 9

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences.

1. The Bosporus is a strait that forms the ---- between the European part of Turkey and its Asian part.

A) resemblance
B) compilation
C) visibility
D) substitution
E) boundary

2. As there was enough ---- that the young boy robbed the store, he was sentenced to two years in prison.

A) detention
B) burden
C) distinction
D) evidence
E) evacuation

3. The board decided to build a new library in the school as they wanted all the students to have ---- to good sources.

A) opposition
B) protection
C) influence
D) access
E) obscurity

4. Buses to the city center leave at regular ---- so we have to hurry if we want to catch the last bus.

A) intervals
B) terminations
C) differences
D) solutions
E) detachments

5. Tokyo lies in the subtropical climate ---- with hot hum id summers and generally mild winters.

A) perception
B) distribution
C) zone
D) illustration
E) verification

6. Gold has been known and highly valued from earliest times due to its beauty and ---- to corrosion.

A) coherence
B) realization
C) resistance
D) perception
E) fascination

7. The Red Sea is the ---- of over a thousand of fish species and is the world's most northern tropical sea.

A) irritation
B) habitat
C) execution
D) circumstance
E) implementation

8. Since there is no --- in Antarctica except at the coasts, the interior of the continent is technically the largest desert in the world.

A) reversal
B) contradiction
C) quantity
D) relief
E) precipitation

9. All volcanoes are formed by the ---- of magma, the molten rock that forms below the earth's surface.

A) cruelty
B) consumption
C) accumulation
D) expense
E) aim

10. Although it is difficult to connect specific weather events to global warming, a ---- in global temperatures may cause broader changes such as worldwide sea level rise.

A) calculation
B) sight
C) dimension
D) raise
E) revenue

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