Vocabulary Practice Test 11

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences

1. Uranium, named after the planet Uranus, is a heavy, radioactive metal used ---- in producing nuclear energy.

A) distantly
B) persuasively
C) tolerantly
D) mainly
E) indistinctly

2. Palms, growing in hot climates, are one of the most well-known and ---- planted tree families.

A) quietly
B) anxiously
C) consequently
D) widely
E) bitterly

3. Ankara, ---- known as Angora, is the second largest city in Turkey.

A) independently
B) extremely
C) previously
D) tatany
E) indecently

4. Due to its cold climate, ---- little farming occurs in Alaska when compared to other states.

A) rudely
B) delicately
C) intuitively
D) vigorously
E) relatively

5. Kayak was ---- developed by indigenous people living in the Arctic regions, who used them to hunt on the coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean.

A) harshly
B) irritatingly
C) viciously
D) violently
E) originally

6. Venus reaches its maximum brightness ---- before sunrise after sunset, for that reason it is often called the Morning Star.

A) legally
B) casually
C) shortly
D) coherently
E) calmly

7. 17. The teacher told all the students in the class that anyone intending to break school rules will be ---- punished.

A) selectively
B) thoughtfully
C) invisibly
D) severely
E) faintly

8. Diamond is the hardest natural mineral and has many other exceptional properties that ---- make it an important industrial and scientific material

A) collectively
B) remotely
C) obscurely
D) courageously
E) suddenly

9. The cost of raw materials has risen ---- during the last months. Accordingly, some companies have been forced to increase the prices of their products.

A) sharply
B) genuinely
C) respectfully
D) considerately
E) patiently

10. Today, many stores guarantee that they will refund your money to you in full if you aren't ---- satisfied with the product you have purchased.

A) diversely
B) misleadingly
C) proficiently
D) entirely
E) occasionally

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