ESL Vocabulary Practice Test 10

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences.

1. It has been found out that lipsticks were used in ---- societies nearly two thousand years ago.

A) grateful
B) attentive
C) ancient
D) arrogant
E) hesitant

2. It is known that a ---- number of aircraft accidents are the result of a human error.

A) defective
B) traditional
C) careful
D) significant
E) creative

3. The projects of our organization are funded by ---- donations to a great extent.

A) voluntary
B) sharp
C) intelligent
D) legible
E) distant

4. Although Urdu is the ---- language of Pakistan, it is also widely used in India.

A) official
B) tiny
C) solid
D) capable
E) dense

5. About seventy per cent of Earth's surface is covered by water, which is ---- to life.

A) modest
B) accurate
C) essential
D) identical
E) reliable

6. Every state has a duty to protect its citizens from ---- enemies.

A) beneficial
B) inadequate
C) inaccurate
D) manual
E) external

7. Sydney is a ---- city with the highest median household income of any major city in Australia.

A) prosperous
B) mutual
C) certain
D) continuous
E) compulsory

8. Because thousands of people die of AIDS every year, ---- research has been done worldwide to find a cure for it so far.

A) bitter
B) fluent
C) previous
D) primitive
E) extensive

9. Tim is such a(n) ---- student that he has been offered a scholarship owing to his success at the university.

A) successive
B) ambitious
C) abusive
D) obsolete
E) artificial

10. Due to his ---- adherence to the rules, the manager wasn't liked by the staff and was forced to resign.

A) identical
B) sparse
C) strict
D) portable
E) decorative

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